Venezuela will begin on registered miners

The Venezuelan government ordered all miners cryptocurrency check in online, which opens December 22.

“We want to know who they are, where they are and what equipment they use,” said Carlos Vargas (Carlos Vargas) appointed by the President of the country, “the superintendent of bitcoin in Venezuela.”

Supporters of mandatory registration believe that these measures will provide legal protection to the miners and to formalize their status.

Meanwhile, the people who do not want to publicly disclose their names, from September this year to discuss with the authorities the introduction of the following measures: restriction on mining of cryptocurrency in non-industrialized urban areas and charging payment for the used mining electricity at market prices. In late November, added to this the idea of applying blockchain technology to combat corruption.

Amid all this, there are arrests of miners. For example, on 9 December, in the capital of the state Lara, confiscated 21 device for the mining of cryptocurrencies, and their owner, 31-year-old Daniel Andres di Bartolomeo Viloria (Daniel Andrés Viloria Di Bartolomeo), was arrested on a number of charges: of laundering illegal funds, illicit enrichment, the criminal use of the technical capabilities of the computer, financial terrorism, currency manipulation and damage the national grid.

Recently, President Maduro announced
the launch of the country’s national cryptocurrency development which will take the Main unit for the cryptocurrency.

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