Venezuela will not pay Russia the debt in the cryptocurrency petro

Over the next 10 years Venezuela has to pay Russia the debt of $ 3.15 billion. According to Russian officials, Venezuela is not a state cryptocurrency petro for repayment of the loan.

According to Reuters, Konstantin vyshkovsky, head of the Department of public debt of the Russian Finance Ministry, told reporters that Venezuela did not offer their cryptocurrency to pay a debt. The vyshkovsky spoke a few days later, after Time magazine reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved Petro as a tool to bypass U.S. sanctions and said that «countries worked together» over the launch of the state of cryptocurrency.

The Deputy Director of the Department of information and press of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Artem Kozhin denied the statement on cooperation, saying that Russia was not involved in the creation of the petro. He also noted that the meeting of the Minister of Finance of Russia Anton Siluanov, Minister of economy and Finance of Venezuela Simon Secoy (Simon Zerpa) has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies. Kozhin said:

«During the meeting held on 21 February 2018 in Moscow, the Minister of economy and Finance of Venezuela Simon Zerpa really gave a booklet about cryptocurrency Petro Minister of Finance solely to inform Russian partners about the project».

As previously reported, sales
Petro continues. Although Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said about bringing more than $ 5 billion through the sale of crypto-currencies, the country has provided no evidence to support such statements.

March 19, U.S. President Donald trump has approved new sanctions against Petro, banning U.S. citizens and companies to invest in the cryptocurrency. Soon after, the Bitfinex team has released a statement
in respect of Petro token in which the site announced that it will not support trade petro:

«In light of U.S. sanctions and other prohibitions related to the risk of using these tokens, Bitfinex will not trade or conduct transactions with the token to PTR or other similar digital assets. This restriction applies to all customers of the platform, including US citizens, and all operations on Bitfinex, including deposits, financing, trade and withdraw funds».

In addition, the exchange has banned all its employees to buy Petro, stating that this requirement is effective immediately.

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