Venezuelan cryptocurrency released by Russian startups Zeus

20 February, Venezuela announced the launch of its cryptocurrency, the price of which is tied to the price of Venezuelan oil. President Nicolas Maduro has said that all time pre-sales Petro, the amount of applications exceeded one billion dollars. Interest in the new cryptocurrency was shown by investors from countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Japan, China, Spain.

Its kind Venezuela became the first country to issue a national cryptocurrency, and one that has physical collateral, in this case oil. The success of this project allowed Maduro to declare that it plans to release another cryptocurrency that will be backed by gold.

As told reporters the investor and the President of group of companies «the Basis» Alexander Brooks, in creating the cryptocurrency, Petro participated in Russian startup Zeus.

«Our startup Zeus helped Venezuela to release a national cryptocurrency. The issue of cryptocurrencies involves the creation of the exchange ecosystem. He helped to create this ecosystem,» said Brooks.

Start-up project Zeus — is the online exchange, which can be used to buy and sell shares of the largest companies in the world with cryptocurrency. Zeus is connected to classic American exchanges the contract with the brokerage company. The project was selected on the platform of Smart Valley and has received investment of development from GK «the Basis». The «Basis» in the person of Alexander Ruchyev owns a minority stake in Zeus.

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