Venture company of the Rockefellers announced a partnership with startup Coinfund

It was recently reported that legendary investor George Soros (George Soros) began investing in cryptocurrencies. Venrock venture company, which is owned by the Rockefeller family apparently decided to follow his example – there are reports that she has also embarked on investments in the cryptocurrency industry.

For over half a century since its founding, Venrock specializiruetsya on investments in technology and science. She invested in Intel and Apple, AppNexus and StrataCom, and many others. It is therefore not surprising that the venture firm drew attention to the cryptocurrency. David pakman from Venrock, the company said in an interview with Fortune:

«The market is a lot of capturegraph. There are many cryptocurrency hedge funds. we look at it a little differently. For us these investments are more similar to venture capital,» he told the publication, announcing a partnership with startup Coinfund. «We wanted to start a collaboration with this team, which invests in and helps to create lots of different cryptoamnesia projects and projects based on cryptographic tokens».

Startup Coinfund known in the community for such projects as Coinlist and Kik. J. Bruchman (Jake Brukhman), team member Coinfund, said:

«We will work closely with Venrock to help them to guide, advise and support teams in the industry. We are trying to develop a unique collaboration between the teams, with more experienced entrepreneurs and traditional technology startups pay attention to the blockchain».

Parkman noted that Venrock is focused on long-term work in the cryptocurrency industry and considers the technology behind it is revolutionary. He said

«In every industry there’s a kind of «guides», from which we may suffer as users and companies. The advantage of the cryptocurrency environment is that it is much smaller than these «conductors». Our area, venture financing, also acts as a «conductor», and this phenomenon needs to be eradicated with time. It seems to me that a small group of people should not decide whether or not the project money and if he can develop further».

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