Vice President launches remote consultations with physicians using the blockchain

As reported by «Vedomosti» with reference to the representative of the project, Vice-President Mail.Ru Group Mr Nicholas intends to start service remote consultations with doctors Doctor Smart, which will involve the technology of the blockchain and artificial intelligence.

According to the plans of Nikolsky, and the service should start in early 2018. Users of the service will be available for online consultations with physicians, nutritionists, veterinarians, and other professionals. In the future it will be possible to enroll in a clinic or laboratory for analysis. The project will cooperate with clinics, fitness centers and doctors who have diplomas, valid certification and will be testing Smart Doctor.

The basic and main feature of the service Doctor Smart is the use of artificial intelligence technologies and the blockchain. To control the correctness of the interpretation of test results, diagnoses and recommendations, the AI will have to compare the situation of a patient with clinical protocols. Financial calculations will be based on the technology of the blockchain.

Most likely, a basic service Doctor Smart will cost no more than 300-400 rubles, as current competitors offer roughly the same price: consultation on duty of a therapist in «the next Doctor» is 500 rubles, the first consultation in Yandex.Health – 99 rubles (re – 499 rubles).

The management company Doctor Smart began «Smart telemed», which is equally established Roitberg and St. Nicholas. Investments in the project amounted to several million dollars from personal funds.

According to Nicholas, the launch of a new project does not conflict with the interests Mail.Ru Group, which has its own project «Health Mail.Ru». The company confirmed that there is no conflict, and that Nicholas, like other employees, can invest in any project, «which I consider promising.»

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