Virginia build North America’s largest datacenter for mining

Virginia beach, a city in the U.S. located on the Atlantic ocean not previously claimed the title of centre of mining bitcoin. However, soon the situation may change – a local company Bcause invested $ 65 million in the construction of a large object, by which the city could become hub for data centers.

According to the online newspaper the Virginian-Pilot, last year in Virginia beach had reduced property taxes for data centers. Director of economic development Warren Harris then said:

«We are ready to become hub for data centers. Tax cuts will contribute to this»

The city of Virginia beach is located in the state of Virginia it is located on the Southeast coast of the region, and naturally cooled by the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic ocean. However, in the summer the city is hot and humid, and it rarely contributes to efficient mining. But it seems it doesn’t stop cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It is reported that the city gave the company Bcause a grant of $ 500,000 for construction of the center.

According to company founder Tom Flake (Tom Flake), mining centre is designed more for ordinary people – less than $ 5,000 a year everyone will be able to rent equipment for mining, or a place for your. The owner of the company States that completion of his project will be the largest datacenter of its kind in North America.

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