VISA: bitcoin not a currency and speculative commodity

Bitcoin not a currency, we would not have attitude, said CEO of global giant electronic payments VISA — Alfred Kelly (Alfred Kelly).

«I don’t consider bitcoin as a player in the market of payment systems. VISA would not process the transaction based on bitcoin. We will only work with Fiat currencies,» he said.

Representatives of the cryptocurrency community have predicted such statements. Especially after the VISA has stopped servicing the cryptocurrency debit card Issuer WaveCrest. Then the representatives of the payment of the Corporation said that the service is suspended due to «continuing non-compliance with our rules» and insisted that this step is not part of a targeted campaign against the use of cryptocurrencies.

The statement of non-participation to bitcoins VISA are made on the background of the message, the Deputy Minister of Finance USA Sigal Mandelker that the cryptocurrency is evolving threat.

«I believe that bitcoin today is largely a product in which someone can invest and, frankly, the sort of speculative goods», – said the head of the Visa.

The Corporation takes care of the protection of their interests, but the cryptocurrency market as a whole still does not endanger the activities of VISA and her fears are premature.

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