Visa has stopped servicing the cryptocurrency debit card Issuer WaveCrest

Payment giant Visa stops servicing cryptocurrency prepaid cards in Europe, released WaveCrest Holdings. Because of this, vulnerable users several cryptocurrency companies issuing cards through the Issuer. On the termination card has announced three service is an American company BitPay, Cryptopay British and German Bitwala.

The company will return to customers all balances on the balance sheets of their accounts, and the fee for registration cards to everyone who purchased after December 1, 2017.

«Our European Issuer of payment cards BitPay — WaveCrest Holdings received a notice from Visa about the need for the immediate closure of all accounts of their programs prepaid debit cards,» according to BitPay.

American and British operators are already negotiating about issuing cards with other companies.

It is noteworthy that the closure only applies to European users. BitPay said that customers in USA will not experience any inconvenience.

The representative of Visa Europe announced that WaveCrest has lost membership in a payment network company «in compliance with governing regulations.» As a result, all Visa cards issued by the company, was closed.

Other Visa card issuers continue to issue the crypto card, so this case is not associated with the purposeful pressure on the cryptocurrency.

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