Vladimir Putin: the cryptocurrencies should be treated very carefully

Russia, like other countries in the world can have its own cryptocurrency, since it is beyond the national borders, the phenomenon, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during a «Straight line».

«Their cryptocurrency in Russia may not be, by definition, just as there can be your cryptocurrency in any other country, because if we’re talking about bitcoin — it goes beyond national borders,» he said.

According to the President, Russia is mining very carefully, because this sector is not regulated.

«The vast majority of countries cryptocurrency is not a means of payment, there is, experts say, in Japan is something somewhat used, but in other countries it is not working,» the President added.

Putin said the opinion of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation regarding this issue: cryptocurrency cannot be a means of payment, calculations, means of accumulation, as they are unsecured.

«All of this suggests that we should treat this very carefully. However, in the world such a phenomenon takes place, it develops. We should carefully analyze to see what is happening and understand at what stage and how we can participate in this process, how to use it to including, to avoid any restrictions in the sphere of international Finance», – Putin said.

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