VOIR will offer Rospatent to implement blockchain

On April 26 at a national meeting of patent attorneys in the framework of the «Russian week of high technologies – 2018» in Moscow to discuss the implementation of the technology of the blockchain to the work of the patent office. The use of the blockchain in the work of patent service, Rospatent offers all-Russian society of inventors and rationalizers (VOIR).

«The transition to the advanced technology of the blockchain is promising in application to different databases of state agencies, and since among these data will be featured, including personal data, other confidential information, it is likely that the patent office will work on the public blockchain platform,» reads the organization’s website.

According to Deputy Minister of Telecom and mass communications of the Russian Federation Alexey Kozyrev, the introduction of the blockchain should be on the level of public authorities and ministries of the Russian Federation, because the tools developed by private firms, are not secure.

«Using blockchain technology will help to simplify the procedure of obtaining patents, to automate it. This technology is necessary for large organizations with large archives storage and processing of data, especially when it comes to their long-term storage, which is important for the patent office. In terms of sanctions and the current trend of import substitution technologies, the process of protection of rights to inventions should be made simpler, and the method of storing information on patents – more transparent», – said the Chairman of the Central Council of VOIR Anton Ishchenko.

Earlier, the Minister of communications Nikolay Nikiforov supported the introduction of technology in the field of intellectual property.

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