Waves Platform: in 2018 Russia will become a leader in the implementation of cryptocurrencies

The results of the survey Waves Platform 678 of captainvalor from USA, EU countries, Turkey, Brazil, Russia and some other countries, in 2018 Russia will become a leader among the countries most actively introduce cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in its economy.

In the opinion of the surveyed Russians, a leader in the development of the cryptocurrency industry in the world next year will be Japan (39%). Russian domestic investors were placed on the second place (32%), and in the third place have put the United States (12%). International investors consider Russia (15%) by the potential leader, it is surpassed only by Japan (27%).

For many domestic captainvalor, cryptocurrencies have become the first tool for investment, but 54% had previously dealt with other assets. For example, every third previously invested in stocks or bonds, and 29% for the Deposit in banks. Real estate investment was the least popular (5%).

In addition, approximately 90% of respondents believe in the future crypto currency and invest them in long-term perspectives, and less than one-third of investors speculate with cryptocurrencies for profit over a short period of time.

«Despite the fears of many experts on the formation of a bubble in the cryptocurrency market, the Russians do not intend to reduce their investments in this kind of assets. 73% of respondents said that in the coming year will increase their investments in the cryptocurrency. The Russians sensibly assess potential risks. 59% of domestic captainvalor consider the risks of loss are reasonable, and one in four – high», – said Alexander Ivanov, CEO and founder of Waves Platform.

About 65% of the total number of respondents believe that cryptocurrency will be integrated in the real economy over the next five years, about 25% think that such an outcome is possible, and only 10% called it unrealistic.

At the same time, Russians are much more optimistic: according to 83% of captainvalor, in the next five years, the digital coin will be integrated into the real economy. 15% believe this process is possible and only 2% is not feasible.

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