Week LApps: Blockstream is a new application for Lightning

In the last three weeks among the three major development teams working with different clients of the Bitcoin network Lightning Network, is a significant stir. Immediately after the announcement of the beta release of the core network of the company Lightning Labs blog Blockstream appeared other ads telling about the new features of server Elements Project Lightning Charge server and client c-lightning.

Independent developer of ivgi Nadab (Nadav Ivgi) has created for the company a series of Lightning app called LApps that offer some very interesting usage scenarios and is ideal for bi-directional payment channels and peer-to-peer routing network Lightning.

The first application LApp became FileBazaar which is a simple e-Commerce solution by which content creators will be able to sell access to their works. FileBazaar uses a system of payment for viewing, providing for the acceptance of micropayments Lightning in exchange for various digital products, including video files, pictures and documents. The application is based on javascript offers consumers a convenient web interface, and store owners — simple parameters configuration.

Lightning Publisher plugin for WordPress solves the problem of providing a simple and transparent monetization of content online without recourse to advertising revenues, which yet have to rely to most publishers. The app allows you using the WordPress platform publishers to accept instant payments using Lightning to provide access to the full articles or publications on the website.

The Nanotip app allows users to send tips with bitcoin with the help of Lightning. Tips were once very popular in the Bitcoin space and is used as a simple way of expressing approval of the content creators. However, the traditional method use as a «box for tips» one of the cryptocurrency addresses can have a negative effect on privacy. Nanotip solves this problem by replacing the usual static addresses for the Internet tip-bot that uses the built-in validation feature Lightning Charge to create a unique lightning accounts for each contribution. This solution must preserve the anonymity of participants.

Solution called Paypercall is a welcome solution for network micropayments of a new generation, through which web developers can request payment for a specific API operation. Also Paypercall can be used as a reverse proxy server, which likewise intercepts the service requests until you have not made payment. The app opens incredible perspectives for developers in various industries.

Another discovery from Blockstream is called NanoPos. The solution is a simplified sales system designed for businesses working with goods that are sold at a fixed price (e.g., coffee shops or eateries). The app allows sellers to create items through the configuration file, and buyers can pay for goods by scanning QR codes and sending transactions to the server Lightning Charge.

All listed apps LApps are of great interest both for developers and for users. They simplify and encourage the use of network Lightning Network, increasing the application Protocol of payment channels and the beta core network c-lightning. Intrigued developers are looking forward to working with the Elements Project Github repositories for all of LApps in order to study the possibility of micropayments in bitcoins through the network Lightning Network.

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