Wells Fargo: the collapse of the cryptocurrency will affect the stock markets

The head of the investment division of the Bank Wells Fargo Securities Christopher Harvey (Christopher Harvey) believes that in the event of a collapse of the cryptocurrency market, in the ensuing chaos, could be adversely affected and the stock market.

«On the cryptocurrency markets now too much extra foam. And when the foam goes beyond their limits, it will give a very serious side effect,» said Mr. Harvey.

According to him, traded on the stock exchanges joint-stock companies are at great risk due to constant fluctuations bitcoin. He predicts that in the second half of 2018, the stock market is waiting for not the best of times.

«The net income per share in the market reached its peak, business activity will grow, and after that profitability is equalized and the multipliers will begin to decline. And then begins the real struggle for survival, because we will have to fight to stay afloat and not go into a loss,» — said the head of the investment Bank.

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