WhaleFUND: cryptocurrency whales will be engaged in ocean

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For 2017 the cryptocurrency market has grown from $ 20 billion to 400. The numbers speak for themselves, and even the biggest skeptics can no longer say that this is just a speculative game for a narrow circle of enthusiasts, or geeks. The largest ICO, held this year, now attract hundreds of millions of dollars, which is comparable with the classical tools of raising funds, such as the IPO on the stock market.

So, what we have witnessed?

Cryptocurrency is a new investment tool or a new way of creating and business management? The cross-border, decentralization and partnerships are what will build the economy of the XXI century.

Many enthusiasts of the blockchain, and with them — and the vast majority of visionaries are confident that we are on the threshold of revolutionary changes all habitual way of life. Consider in more detail the ideas that can be implemented thanks to the technology of conducting a distributed registry:

  • The possibility of elections at any level without the cost of huge human and financial resources and without the possibility of any fraud, which is true for any country. The possibility of more widespread introduction of instruments of direct democracy.

  • Fast cross-border transfers anywhere in the world, without dozens of unnecessary documents, standing in queues and trying to prove that you’re «not a camel». Anyone who has done foreign currency translation, understands what we’re talking about.

  • Huge budget savings when rebuilding the public service for the technology of the blockchain. The number of officials and civil servants can be reduced by 70%, which will not only increase efficiency, but also substantial monetary savings.

«Effects» of implementation of the blockchain

Assuming widespread implementation of this technology, we can speak of a radical change in the very structure of human society. We will become more independent and free in the manifestation of his own individuality. But with the attainment of freedom and independence of mankind must take on additional responsibility for the world that surrounds us. Is there a sense among kryptoperidinium?

The first signs of awareness of this issue can already be seen. In late November, started ICO licenzirovanie investment Fund WhaleFUND in a Whitepaper which prescribed mandatory charitable deductions. The direction of the charity Fund you selected to participate in the environmental programs, the purpose of which is to maintain and increase populations of cetaceans in the World ocean.

In view of the increasing number of sea transport is destroyed the usual ecosystem cetaceans, the number of these majestic animals reduced from year to year, so the team Fund is very timely.

The representative of the Fund told about why creating an investment Fund structure, the main reason of the existence of which is to make a profit, the founders volunteered to take on and charitable obligations (see, not very typical for the prevailing image of the «greedy financiers»), and learn about why whales?

The Fund Manager, Kisin, Gennady, gave detailed answers to the designated questions below:

«»Whales» in the cryptocurrency environment is called large investors can influence the behavior of markets. Agree, very subtle and, along with that succinctly. Specific worlds: the world of cryptocurrency pragmatism with the world ecological romanticism. And if the movers and shakers of the first world is quite capable of taking care of themselves, the giants are second in the world in fact less self-sufficient than it might seem from the outside.

Meanwhile, we have entered the 21st century. The future is already here. Cryptoamnesia, which is WhaleFUND is only the first step to radically change the way human life! So we want to draw the attention of the crypto community how important social responsibility projects and activities, and decided to support our Foundation. Quite simply – we do not provide the abstract promises, and undertook specific obligations, spelled out in our White paper, the implementation of which the Fund’s investors, and laypersons will be able to track the publications of our quarterly reports!

Only the man’s responsibility, both individual and all mankind together will help us not to slip into a wild animal of capitalism. I truly believe that any business should be socially responsible, based on the principles and ideas that represent something more than simple desire to make money. I hope we will be able to serve as a positive example for other teams and their projects.»

To make capital on the cryptocurrency — only half of the story. Equally important, properly and with benefit to the environment to dispose of them. If unable to help someone — help. Why whales? And why not? After all, everyone loves whales.

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