What do the developers of Ethereum

Bob Summerville (Bob Summerwill), one of the founders of Ethereum and well-known figure in the cryptocurrency community, in his blog published the text entitled «Statement on conflict of interest,» disclosing the income and current assets.

In the preamble of the document States that its purpose is to prevent any future conflicts of interests and accusations of unethical behavior. Summerville plans to maintain the relevance of the information provided, and place the hash of the current version of the blockchain Ethereum, just as it is done in a digital notary Factom.

Paid positions

  • An independent developer under contract to the project Sweetbridge Inc.

    • Wage is $11 000 USD per month (90% in USD, 10% of the tokens of the project Sweetcoin);

    • 20% discount on the purchase of tokens to 31.12.2017 (not yet used);

    • The annual bonus, the amount of which depends on the results of the project. Paid in tokens Sweetcoin, the details will be in the next version of the document);

    • Compensation costs related to performance of official duties;

    • Vacation time – unlimited;

    • Additional social programs and no bonuses.

  • Advisor at Frontier Foundry Corporation, Vancouver, BC:

    • Option to purchase 0.5% of the ordinary shares of the Fund at market value.

    • Compensation costs related to performance of official duties.

  • A separate section in the «Statement» is dedicated to listing previous jobs, including specified Sony and Electronic Arts. Separately noted that starting in 2015, Summerville has always acted as an independent developer via his own company Kitsilano Software Inc.

    In one of the Reddit discussions
    Summerville wrote that the work on the Fund Ethereum became the lowest paid in 20 years, his professional activities and his primary motivation was to participate in that can change the world.

    Cryptocurrency savings

    530.01 ETH – prize received from Wanxiang Blockchain Lab in February 2016 (of$10,000 at the time) for the work «Ethereum for devices with limited resources.» Unfortunately, according to the Summerville, these funds are almost lost, because he lost the private key.

    73.09 ETH – grant for development of Gerrit John (John Gerryt). At the time of receipt it was $1000.

    6.6580 ETH and BTC 0.1034 – on a personal Coinbase account.

    The fact of such «coming out» has surprised many, after all, no immediate need was not in it. To the question on Twitter «Why did you do that?», Summerville quoted the beginning of the speech of President Kennedy in 1961: «Because secrecy is disgusting.»

    As for the careless attitude to their own cryptocurrency savings, it differs not only in Summerville, but his other former colleagues in the Fund Ethereum. So, Vlad Zamfir do not get tired to remember his own tweet, written in the spring of this year, that he sold all his ETH $30.

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