What is known about the confiscation of $380 million from the Bitfinex account in Polish Bank

According to unconfirmed information, received from the Polish media, Bank account cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex was confiscated 380 million euros, located in the Bank Cooperative Bank (Skierniewice, Poland).

According to the Polish information portal of the Spider’s Web:

«We received anecdotal evidence suggests that we are talking about Bitfinex. The Prosecutor’s office of Poland has not put forward any charges, and in view of the international nature of the case to the investigation connected Europol and Interpol».

On the Polish forum Bitcoin.pl one user reported that a week ago was interviewed by the police:

«The police asked me about Crypto sp. z o.o as they send me the money with Bitfinex, and their account was blocked», — stated in the message.

Crypto sp. z o.o – a Polish company that registered Bank account allegedly belonging Bitfinex.

At the moment there is plenty of suspicion that there is a connection between the Crypto sp. z o.o and companies involved in criminal activities. Supposedly closed account was used to launder money — it has been Fiat for subsequent conversion to cryptocurrency. There’s also the possibility that the account on Bitfinex has been used by some Colombian drug cartel.

The investigation supposedly originates with an incident that occurred in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where, in the course of construction of the Embassy, Ministry of foreign Affairs of Belgium, was deceived by a contractor for 400 000 euros.

The result initiated the investigation, the investigators came to the company, which was headed by a citizen of Colombia and Panama. This company in turn was related to cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.

It is already known that the network of these affiliated companies were used to launder money earned from smuggling cocaine into Europe, as well as in large-scale fraud. Changing Fiat money to cryptocurrency criminals so confused traces.

The investigation also found that the company did not conduct real economic activities, and their only purpose was the sharing of common Bank accounts for the implementation of international criminal financial transactions.

The representative of Reddit Bitfinex denies these reports and says that the confiscated money had nothing to exchange. He also said that the exchange will shortly publish an official rebuttal on its website, but it still has not appeared. One commenter in the same thread tied closed account with a canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX.

At the moment it’s hard to tell what’s going on with the accounts in Cooperative Bank. Almost all of the currently available information is a translation of the Polish media also does not give clarity about what is happening.

It is possible that this account does not belong to the exchange and one of its major clients, who sent him to exchange money for later laundering. In this case, the consequences for markets will be less significant, but Interpol and the other agencies involved in the investigation, may require the exchange of financial disclosure.

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