What services support the new format addresses Bitcoin Cash

In January of this year, the developers of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) began to implement a new address format called «Cashaddr». New serialization Protocol will address BCH is different from other cryptocurrencies that will reduce the number of user errors. This change also would pave the way for the improvement of future network functions.

Over the past two weeks, many companies that support the BCH, has been updated to the new format. Its integration makes it much harder for the user to send the BCH in a BTC address or Vice versa. Addresses look different, and some contain the prefix «bitcoincash:».

Each address Cashaddr also tied to the «traditional», and this change does not affect private and public keys of users. The last two weeks of the exchange and the operators of the wallets that support BCH, updated to the new format. Among them, the Blockchain Wallet, Coinbase, Electron Cash, Bitcoin.com, Explorer.bitcoin.com, Bitpay, Copay, Coinomi, Hitbtc, Chaintip, Stash Wallet, BTC.com Wallet, Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Unlimited, Blockchair and Blockdozer.

Other wallets, such as Unit, told that their development team plan to implement an address change in the near future. It was assumed that some companies, such as Shapeshift, integrate Cashaddr, but the exchange has not yet made any statements. The representatives of the hardware of the purse Keepkey said that the format Cashaddr will be implemented in the future.

Compatibility Cashaddr and traditional format

There are also wallets that allow you to switch between Cashaddr and traditional addresses directly in the interface of the purse. If the user detects a compatibility issue with the wallet that does not support the format Cashaddr, there is a tool that can convert address BCH Cashaddr in the traditional format and Vice versa. On the website Bitcoincash.org this tool is available for users who face similar problems. Other Converter are also Electron Cash client 3.1.

«Any traditional bitcoin address format is converted to the format Cashaddr and Vice versa. Thus, there will always be two versions (traditional and Cashaddr) of any given address, and they are interchangeable, because they correspond to the same set of private and public keys,» explains the development team of the Bitcoin ABC.

Not all planning to be updated

At the moment there are few purses that have not expressed the intention to support Cashaddr. 17 January, representatives of the wallet Jaxx said that they have «currently no plans to incorporate Cashaddr». A similar statement previously made
the operator wallet Ledger, said that the company has no plans to support the change.

«It would be much easier for all to simply update the version P2PKH and P2SH, keeping the same address format or re-use Bech32 to the developers of the wallets did not have to maintain two separate but similar schemes,» explains technical Director Ledger.

In the words
technical Director hardware wallet Satoshi Labs, his team has no plans in the near future to update the software best wallet to the new format.

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