«White hacker» has earned $120,000 for the week at finding bugs in code EOS

This month at the «white hacker» from Holland Guida of Frankena was an extremely lucky week – he managed to find the 12 errors in the software preparing to launch project EOS.

On 31 may, the project announced the start of the bounty program, encouraging users to report vulnerabilities discovered in the software product. The basic remuneration for the detection of significant bug was $10 000. Vranken decided to extract from the program all the advantages, and due to discovered errors already earned 90 000 dollars. In the words of Frankena, now due to him the remuneration is $ 120,000.

The EOS impressed with the work Vrancken, and they invited the hacker continued cooperation. Did he offer are not yet known.

In total, Franken found 92 errors in the products of these resources and applications like Twitter, Tor, OpenSSL, Dropbox, Python, Yahoo! Slack, Trello and HackerOne. In this activity a hacker does with 2014, sometimes posting information on its official website.

We will remind, in the summer of 2017, the project EOS launched the ICO, which lasted almost a year. Serious security vulnerability was discovered shortly before a scheduled launch date of the core network, but the developers have managed to successfully produce code. However, users are still waiting for the emergence of a consensus in the group start main network.

EOS capitalization grew to $ 12 billion in the process the ICO, after which the network client EOSIO 1.0 was finally published. Now capitalization of cryptocurrency, is of $12.3 billion, and the price of the EOS token is approaching 14 dollars. Now the EOS token is included in the lists of such the major exchanges like Huobi, OKex, Bithumb, Bitfinex and Binance.

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