Wikileaks calls for boycott Coinbase

Wikileaks announced Friday that Coinbase without notice has blocked the official store @Wikileaksshop, which sells a variety of Souvenirs: clothes, accessories, phone covers, stickers, posters, books and cryptococci. In response, Wikileaks has proposed to declare a global boycott of the cryptocurrency exchange and the operator on reception of payments «as a worthless member of the crypto community».

The organization also published part of the letter that was sent to them from Coinbase. In it the operator on reception of payments refers to the warning from the Network on struggle against financial crimes of the United States (FinCEN). The letter States that «Coinbase is a company providing money services, which are governed by FinCEN, which require companies to implement compliance mechanisms regulatory requirements». The letter also noted:

«After careful analysis we came to the conclusion that your account is involved in a prohibited activity that is contrary to our terms of service, and we regret to inform you that can no longer provide you with access to our service».

The letter contains instructions for Wikileaks on the withdrawal of the remaining balance. «We ask you to follow the on-screen instructions are presented to log in to your account, «Coinbase» to transfer the remaining balance to an external address». In response to the action Coinbase Wikileaks said:

«Wikileaks calls for global boycott Coinbase next week, as the company is worthless member of the crypto community. Coinbase, a large California operator accepting cryptocurrency payments, responding to latent effect, blocked completely secure @Wikileaksshop according to the decision approved by his management».

Andreas Antonopoulos commented on the tweet by Wikileaks, noting:

«We’ve come full circle. The interest of many people to bitcoin came when Wikileaks was banned by Visa, Mc, Paypal and banks. Now Coinbase followed their example. Unfortunately.»

He further said: «It’s a symbolic ban, unlike the first embargo. Now they have a lot of options. But this symbolism is quite sharp reminder about what it means centralization and banking regulation».

Antonopoulos refers to the global boycott of payments to Wikileaks in 2010, which forced the information resource to refer to accepting payments in bitcoins. Six days before Satoshi Nakamoto mysteriously left the community on the forum Bitcointalk happened discussion
between Nakamoto and those who want Wikileaks took bitcoin. It is believed that this event was one of the reasons why the Creator of Bitcoin left the project.

Recently cryptocurrency platform Coinbase announced
about the imminent opening of the output coins are forks of bitcoin, and adding
support token standard ERC20.


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