With exchange Bitgrail disappeared 17 million tokens XRB

Bitgrail, cryptocurrency exchange specializing in trading cryptocurrency Nano (formerly Railblocks), stopped all operations after the loss of 17 million XRB, at that time worth about $ 170 million.

Italian stock exchange suspended I / o XRP two weeks ago, and customers already feared the worst. The operator of the exchange Verano Francesco (Francesco «The Bomber» Firano) confirmed the bad news, which provoked the reaction of the community Nano. Many believe that the owner Bitgrail carried out the fraud by stealing almost 13% of funds from total number of tokens in circulation.

Cryptocurrency Nano has done a spectacular way in the last few months. At the beginning of December 1 XRB could buy 0.2 USD. A month later the coin’s value soared to $ 35, rising so 17 500%, which was the largest growth rate among cryptocurrency assets in 2017. For nearly a year, the exchange Bitgrail was the only place where you can buy XRB. However, after the sharp rise of the price of the coin in December, she started to bargain and at other venues, depriving Bitgrail monopoly.

28 Jan Twitter exchange appeared: «the Introduction and removal of the XRB is currently suspended for internal system optimization. Thank you for understanding.» Then, on 9 February, was published a notification which stated about the theft of 17 million Nano and what about the theft was stated to law enforcement agencies, and developers of cryptocurrency refuse to cooperate with the exchange.

Most users believe that the owners of the exchange defrauded them, however, the site claims that there was hacking. It is assumed that the XRB was stolen for several months were transferred from the wallet to the exchange Mercatox. It is also rumored that Bitgrail became insolvent after the error of withdrawal, which was discovered by some users, and then appeared in the shell and other chat groups, and the balance of the purse gradually decreased.

One user explained: «there was a bug Bitgrail, which allowed when placing two orders to get a double token balance in your account. Then you can withdraw the funds and steal the coins. In the end, you had a negative balance, but you can just create a new account».

In a statement issued on 9 February, the team Nano wrote: «Now we have reasonable grounds to believe that Hirano misled the Nano Core team and the community regarding the solvency of the exchange BitGrail for a considerable period of time.»

Anyway, users Bitgrail almost no chance to return the cryptocurrency. Team Nano for obvious reasons refused requests Bitgrail to change the code to isolate stolen XRB.

Only a week ago, the exchange Binance added Nano to your site. After the incident with Bitgrail CEO Binance tweeted:

«We are dealing with a team of Nano and freeze deposits from specific addresses as they are received. This is one of the reasons why we demand that the General Director is the Creator of the coin have applied for the listing. Binance will have their full cooperation. We need to work together to protect users.»

As predicted
experts, the hacking of exchanges and the disappearance of funds will continue this year. The first major such incident in 2018 was the hacking on the Tokyo stock exchange Coincheck, which in mid January was stolen NEM 530 million dollars. The owners of the exchange promised
users recovered most of the losses from its own funds.

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