With the Indian cryptocurrency exchange Coinsecure stolen 438 BTC

In India recorded the largest cryptocurrency theft in the country’s history. At cryptocurrency exchange Coinsecure was stolen 438 BTC, which today is approximately $3.3 million.

In Coinsecure insist that their system was not compromised or hacked. However, the leadership of the exchange has reason to believe that the kidnapping involved the research Director Coinsecure Amitabh Saxena (Amitabh Saxena), as the given them the facts in defense of his version of the incident did not convince the administration that the matter involved a third-party person or group.

Amitabh Saxena received the post of Director of scientific work in Coinsecure in September 2017. Prior to that, he worked in Hewlett Packard (HP) and Accenture, and was a Professor in computer science in Australia.

Saxena asserts that the bitcoins were stolen in the attack when exporting private keys that are needed to extract BTG and charges to their customers.

According to the statements of the head of Coinsecure, Kalra Mohit (Mohit Kalra), this implausible story Saxena is just trying to divert suspicion from himself.

«I’m pretty sure that we are talking about a premeditated crime. We called the police and told them about my suspicions, and contacted experts in order to track bitcoins».

In addition, Kalra asked the police to confiscate Saxena passport, as he may try to leave the country.

In turn, the leadership exchange has announced that all affected customers will receive a refund regardless of how it will advance the investigation.

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