World the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit will be held on 27 January in Moscow

On January 27 at the world trade Center in Moscow will host the world summit of cryptocurrency and blockchain (the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency World Summit, #WBCSummit). The event was organized by the international Association of decentralized cryptocurrencies and blockchain (Decentralized International Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain — IDACB).

The summit will bring together more than 400 world-class professionals and market participants on blockchain technologies, representatives of cryptoanalysis partner IDACB, authorities, funds, investment companies and banks.

Participation in the summit reaffirmed the first person in more than 30 international organizations from Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia responsible for blockchain-regulation, as well as experts from around the world.

The summit will provide a centre of expert power to create a favorable legal and investment conditions in the application of blockchain technology.

The business program will consist of five sections: «ICO», «Blockchain», «Cryptocurrency», «Cryptotrading» and «Regulation». Delegates waiting for the plenary session, dedicated to national and international regulation of crypto-currencies with the participation of experts from Russia, Switzerland, China, Japan, North Korea, South Africa and the USA, discussion of the status of cryptocurrencies and prepare the legal framework for the market blockchain-technologies pitch session of the twenty most successful ICO in history meet-up «How to find an investor?», overview of investment funds residing in the stock market, technical and technological innovation, the smart contracts.

The evening program includes a plenary session on «Mega trends in cryptoamnesia that will change the world» and networking. Experts will discuss the implications of the integration of cryptocurrencies in the real economy and the future of humanity in the age of the blockchain.

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