Yodse platform for direct communication of manufacturers with buyers launched a pre-ICO

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Global promotion of decentralized systems and technology of the blockchain has led to the emergence of new projects using them. However, the greatest popularity and dissemination of the technologies acquired in the financial sector and digital industry, where their use is most logical.

The prospects of application of the blockchain, even within everyday life is much broader. Why is the area of production of commodities of daily use left behind? The answer is simple – many producers and consumers in connection with the ordinary ignorance and do not realize what benefits they can bring to the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The creators of the platform Yodse, taking into account existing ability, decided to show to producers and purchasers all the advantages of the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain in the field of trade, in his own grounds, within which they found the real use of these digital technologies. The ecosystem is focused on manufacturers of industrial goods, which is understandable. So, in 2016, according to the C. I. A. The World Factbook, the global market for industrial goods amounted to 37 trillion dollars. That is, the prospect for the development of the platform Yodse huge, because this technology has not been applied in this field.

It is also worth noting that the study conducted by experts Yodse team identified the lack of direct competitors of similar platforms on the market. Thus, in the framework of the popular global trading platforms connecting sellers with buyers and sells goods and services of mass demand through the Internet, such as Amazon and eBay, and does not feature major manufacturers industrial group of goods. An indirect competitor for the platform Yodse is a global online B2B platform for trade in Alibaba/AliExpress, where various groups of industrial goods. However, this area has its own striking differences to provide a set of doing business for manufacturers and buyers, implemented in the framework of the ecosystem Yodse. Thus, Yodse will become a unique trading platform of its kind due to its comparative advantage.

Yodse platform and its benefits

Yodse (Your Open Direct Sales Ecosystem) – a decentralized, transparent, global ecosystem that will directly link producers and buyers of industrial goods worldwide. Today, the obvious fact is the lack of direct bridge between end customer and manufacturer of industrial products. Platform Yodse just acts as such a bridge that will allow for direct communication with the end customer, manufacturers of industrial products to bypass all intermediaries and other existing bureaucratic procedures, significantly increasing the cost of goods.

As for Yodse advantages over other trading platforms, the platform will enable the decentralized storage of the transaction data and products, provide maximum transparency of transactions between manufacturers and buyers through the use of blockchain technology, will allow to pay for goods with bitcoin. All prices to be submitted to the platform will be provided directly from the manufacturers. Users will be available the localization of products, operational support 24/7, as well as within Yodse will be implemented as a transparent feedback system for real buyers, and their transactions will be confirmed by smart contracts. And this is only part of the predominant functions of the platform that are implemented through the use of the blockchain. In addition, Yodse will provide its users many additional features such as direct communication within the chat between buyer and manufacturer, the Bank standard documents (for trading and export activities), arbitration and dispute resolution, insurance, referral program, payment and loans in Yodse tokens and more.

How will the ecosystem Yodse?

The platform Yodse there are three parties interacting with each other in the implementation of the sale and purchase of industrial goods: a community of buyers, manufacturers and service companies. Each of these participants in the platform has its own personal account, through which via the Web interface Yodse site or mobile application, performs all the necessary actions. For example, a customer in his personal account to search, then select a desired item, then confirm details with the delivery time, the logistics with the manufacturer, in the end by paying Fiat currency, cryptocurrency tokens Yodse, and it’s all online. The manufacturer is using a personal account within the site Yodse, the placement of goods and their sale.

If we talk about conducting transactions on the platform Yodse, they are carried out in accordance with the following mechanism: payment from the buyer goes to the transit account Yodse (which blocks until the completion of the transactions); notice of crediting of funds on the account gets the manufacturer, which then ships the goods via the logistics company, which, in turn, ensures the delivery of the goods to the buyer; upon completion of delivery, the logistics company sends data on it, after which the payment is credited to the seller’s account from which charges are deducted for the services of the site Yodse (1% in Yodse tokens, 1.5% of in other crypto — currencies, 3% in Fiat currencies).

Token Yodse and its purpose

Token Yodse issued on the Ethereum platform, based on the standard ERC20 and is an element of the ecosystem, without which she will not be able to fully function. With its help, users platform Yodse may pay site, pay vendors and suppliers, to provide the tokens in the loan for interest, to participate in the ecosystem by making improvements to its work and expand its functionality. However, the main purpose of the token Yodse is that it represents the coupon payment, used for payment services for payments platforms. Just a circulation of 100 000 000 token Yodse, of which 60 000 000 presented for sale in the framework of the ICO.

At the moment, to buy a token in the ongoing pre-sale, which runs from 23 April to 6 may 2018. Early buyers of tokens on the pre-sale is the most significant bonus of 30% of the price of a token $1. This price will remain throughout the ICO, which will be held from 20 may to 30 July in five stages, each of which will also be available bonuses to buy tokens Yodse, but in a smaller size. So, at the beginning of ICO, the bonus is 20%, and by the end of the ICO 3%.

In the future, to buy a token will be directly from the ecosystem participants Yodse, as well as the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, listing where the token will be added in July-August of 2018. To participate in the ICO and buy a token platform today on the official website Yodse where is detailed all information about the project, including a Whitepaper, as well as on the pages of the site in all popular social networks.

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