Zerolink test anonymous transactions in Bitcoin network

The creators of Zerolink, solutions to ensure the confidentiality of transactions in the Bitcoin network, announced plans for large-scale testing. To ensure the success of the pilot project, the creators of the platform looking for volunteers to test the first «fully anonymous use of bitcoin». Team Zerolink gaining 100 testers of the transactions under the motto «anonymity loves company», which will be rewarded for your efforts.

If in 2017 the focus of the discussions was the issues of decentralization, tokenization and zoom (which is still not completely resolved), everything suggests that in 2018 the minds of community members will be busy in P2P exchanges, atomic swaps, and confidentiality issues. The need for privacy in an era of increasing oversight and unprecedented control have never been higher. She encouraged the development of projects such as Coinjoin, which aims to combine the advantages of the open blockchain with the ability to carry out transactions in a confidential manner.

Zerolink, which uses the solution for mixing coins based on Coinjoin, is one of the latest announced projects focused on privacy. The founder of the project proposes to implement «a global assessment Coinjoin» 100 participants, each of whom will receive $ 10 for their efforts. Due to large-scale stress testing Zerolink the project developer, who previously worked in project Tumblebit, hopes to prove that the anonymous transactions in the world’s largest blockchain possible.

Anonymity in numbers

The battle for transactional anonymity cryptocurrency led developers in different directions. Zcash for its many ppl were using the technology zk-snarks, which proves that a certain transaction is valid, without identifying the recipient and of the sender. In other words, it gives the miners enough information to validate the transaction, without revealing the source or the recipient. Zk-snarks was also tested in a network of Ethereum and plan to introduce it in 2018.

Another popular approach to ensuring anonymous transactions is Coinjoin, which came to Zerolink. The idea is that if two users send the same amount of money around the same time, it is possible to replace one value in others, to leave those who are trying to watch transactions, nothing. However, the technology is still not fully tested to be 100% effective. Developed by Zerolink says:

«The mixing of the coins does not itself provide anonymity. Even if traces of the network layer are completely eliminated, exploring the chain of transactions and other metadata, the attackers can still recognize some of the data sets».

To combat this, Zerolink technology uses Coinjoin and ensures the confidentiality at all stages. To confirm the effectiveness of the technology, 20 December at 10pm GMT (in the morning Moscow time on December 21) will host an experiment on the mixing of the coins, which will be attended by 100 users. Full information about the experiment and the methods of registration can be found here.

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