Zhirinovsky: Russia needs specialists in cryptocurrency

At the meeting of the state Council on development of investment attractiveness of regions of the Russian Federation, LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said the need to access the curriculum in universities that would train specialists in bitcoin and other currencies.

«Career guidance should be. The notion of the cryptocurrency. On the first of September taken students in this Department – the Department or a seminar? 4 years later they must come into the economy – experts in bitcoin and other currencies. It will be a trend. No University has even opened a branch. Experts do not have», – said Zhirinovsky.

According to him, there should be a revision of specialties. However, the situation is not as bleak as he believes.

So the Higher school of Economics and MGIMO conduct refresher courses for lawyers in the field of technology of the blockchain, REU them. Plekhanov paid workshops on the blockchain, mining, the ICO and the General theory of cryptocurrency.

On the basis of Technopark «Festejar» in 2018, I plan to open a school programming for training of developers of the technology of the blockchain. The Bank holds for the officials of the government course in the fundamentals of the blockchain. Sberbank also launched the educational program to study this technology.

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