#953 news of the day 07.03.2020

photo blockchainjournal.new With Saturday’s events: Germans take action against the first Bitomatom; Crypto space in India as informed of the threat; Binance.Allows US Deposit USDC; the Current situation on the stock exchanges. • The Germans take action against the first Bitomatom: The German financial supervision authority to suspend the activity of the company KKT UG […]

Bitfury creates blockchain solution for compliance with GDPR

Bitfury Group creates blockchain app that will help companies comply with new EU regulations regarding personal data protection principles. The company is positioning it as the world’s first platform designed to protect risks associated with the processing of personal data. Tool for storing and protection of personal data Bitfury fully meets the new Provision on […]

App Store banned apps for direct mining of cryptocurrencies

After updating the manuals for the App Store, Apple has banned the creation and development of iOS applications that can be used to directly cryptocurrency mining. While applications for cloud mining this prohibition does not apply. Despite the fact that official information about when the update guides for developers no, Apple has made it clear […]

Upbit paid rewards for reporting fraud cryptocurrency

One of South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency supported exchanges Kakao Corpip Upbit, paid six traders for reports of fraudulent schemes related to digital currencies. The exchange has received ten such statements and chose six of them, which she gave. The implementation of a system of rewards for the detection of fraudulent multi-level schemes related to digital […]