How Bitcoin Cash Can Avoid the Same Mistakes as Bitcoin Core, Part 1

The following opinion piece was written by Jonald Fyookball. The bitcoin cash (BCH) community understands key principles: Bitcoin should be a peer to peer Electronic Cash system; most users can use SPV wallets instead of running their own node; “second layer” scaling solutions are often unnecessary and problematic. While important, and it places the BCH […]

The Notorious Bunny Ranch Brothel Now Accepts Bitcoin

According to the infamous licensed brothel in Nevada, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a sex worker named Lana West was paid for her intimate favors with a few thousand dollars in bitcoin. Since then the Bunny Ranch has announced accepting the digital currency for sexual services. Also read: Five Reasons Why Bitcoin Cash is About to Win […]

System Error at Korean Crypto Exchange Gave Users Free Coins

A South Korean cryptocurrency exchange said it suffered an internal system error which affected withdrawals. The exchange claimed that users were able to withdraw five times the number of coins they requested. It is asking for the coins back, and will seek civil liabilities and damages from users who do not voluntarily return the coins. […]

Vidéo : CryptoMonday Paris (2ème partie)

Seconde vidéo du meetup CryptoMonday Paris du lundi 23 avril. Carole Vachet travaille à la direction générale du Trésor en charge de la règlementation financière où elle s’occupe plus particulièrement de la règlementation des innovations financières, notamment les blockchains et les crypto-actifs. Elle collabore avec Jean-Pierre Landau dans le cadre de la mission de régulation des […]

Swiss Post uses the blockchain for temperature control of supply

The national postal service of Switzerland Swiss Post in collaboration with Modum integrate the blockchain is a solution that allows to monitor temperature fluctuations of transported products. Company Modum, which headquarters are located in Zurich, is developing sensors that use smart contracts and IoT technologies. It is known that Swiss Post and Modum collaborating since […]

Brazilian banks are testing the blockchain

Brazilian banking Association Febraban, which has more than 120 participants actively studying the technology of the blockchain. At this point published by the Association the results of studies conducted on different platforms, including Corda, developed by the international blockchain-a consortium of R3. Study the blockchain Febraban started in 2016. The Association has created a working […]

Markets Update: Bears Return to Crypto Markets for Some Action

On April 25 digital assets are seeing volatile price declines today across cryptocurrency markets worldwide. Over the past 24-hours, the entire cryptocurrency market capitalization has lost more than $30Bn since our last markets update. Bitcoin Core (BTC) market prices are averaging $8,920 right now after tumbling to the $8,700 territories earlier today. Bitcoin (BCH) market […]

PR: Aramcocoin Launches Crypto Commodity Coin

By PR — Apr 25, 2018 458 This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. Aramco