A Japanese Corporation GMO is preparing for sales of 7 nm ASIC miners

Japanese Internet giant GMO has published a report on the results of operations for the first fiscal quarter of 2018 and said the information about the start of sales of mining boards, equipped with a 7 nm ASIC chips.

The company is developing two GMO versions of these chips, V1 and V2. The first acts as a prototype, the second will become a full-fledged product that the company plans to use on their own farms for mining, mainly in cloud services and also to sell on the global market.

According to representatives of the GMO, in June, the company plans to use the V1 chip, in October and V2. Now V2 is developed by, this product will enter a phase of mass production in the fourth quarter of 2018. The company also said that the launch of cloud services is planned in June.

First information about the creation of 7 nm ASIC chip appeared in September 2017. According to representatives of the company, each card can calculate the hashes at the design performance 8 terahara per second or more, with power consumption of only 300 watts, that is 37.5 watts per terhas. For comparison produced now a ASIC bitcoin miners consume about 100 watts on teraherz.

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