At RBW discussed the future of the blockchain in Russia

The Central theme of the first day of the Russian Blockchain Week was the discussion of the future of the blockchain in Russia. Gradually, the blockchain is recognized in different industries and regulators, said the speakers.

Director General of the Association of FINTECH, CEO and founder of QIWI Sergey Solonin:

«The rhetoric from all the prohibitive a year ago moved on to a careful discussion of the market opportunities of the blockchain and demonstration of serious interest to him.»

According to the expert, today the speed of development of technology is impressive, and in the future it may become not only the basis for the transaction, but a large base of knowledge: «Artificial intelligence and the ability of the blockchain to unite a huge number of players in a single information space allow you to do a huge number of experiments in the virtual space, to accelerate the technological process, affecting the medicine, in most spheres of life.»

Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev has to consider the blockchain in practice and talks about his own experience: his team made on the basis of Ripple fork, which issued coins. The Ombudsman urged the developers to make the most successful forks of the block chain and thereby increase the impact of the blockchain in Russia.

Fit notice that using the blockchain can be digitized economy: «When we turn to the solution of social and economic issues which clearly will work systems that are supported by the participants, and allows the blockchain, naturally, we are transforming the socio-economic relations within society, among the business entities that conduct business activities, alters the design of the interaction on the transfer of values, commodities or services. In fact, we have the ability to digitize everything that man does. The fact that till today it is impossible to make by any means. You can not digitize with money instant transfer of value».

In April of this year, the founder of blockchain platform Universa Alexander Borodich launched the fastest and cheapest block on the market: in the public blockchain now 20 thousand operations per second, each operation costs one cent. Today, smart-contracts Universa introduced in Malaysia in the form of smart money in Africa in the form of digital credits. Alexander Borodich is hoped that the first pilots with major Russian banks, logistics, factoring companies by the end of this year will come into operation.

The future of the blockchain, the founder of Universa no doubt. According to him, most States quickly adopt the blockchain, because the technology automatiseret taxation.

Alexander Borodich: «In countries such as Russia and China we are waiting for the national the blockchain, where the network nodes of the blockchain will be decentralized on the territory of the States: in China, it is inside the perimeter of China, in Russia, respectively, within the perimeter of Russia using Russian encryption standards. This year we will see the first pilot of the Russian, Chinese national projects, where the national blackany widely used, smart contracts are working in these national blockchains».

But the Ombudsman on the digital economy Ilya Dimitrov skeptical over the blockchain: he believes that technology will strangle the lawyers. Until June 30, when the deadline of the bill for regulation of blockchain and cryptocurrency have to wait long. Yesterday a package of bills passed the first reading in the state Duma.

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