CB RF has clarified the position regarding the recognition of cryptocurrency means of payment

When the technology of cryptocurrencies will prove its applicability, the Bank of Russia may return to the question of positioning the digital money as means of payment, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Olga Skorobogatova, speaking at the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF 2018).

«The issue of bitcoin from the point of view of legislation – the cryptocurrency as a payment and payment means – we are still at the level of legislation do not consider to accept it. We believe that it is premature, the risks are still greater,» she said.

According to the draft laws on the regulation of cryptocurrencies on the territory of Russia, which passed its first reading in the state Duma, digital money is not recognized as legal tender in the territory of the Russian Federation.

«But this does not mean that after some time, when we understand that the technology, the understanding and real business cases proved its applicability, we will return to this issue and will not make any changes in this sphere», – said the Chairman of the Central Bank.

Skorobogatova recalled the position of Bank of Russia, which he has repeatedly said the exchange of cryptocurrency in rubles, foreign currency or other property is not valid because even when you identify the ultimate owner will open the possibility of legalizing the questionable transactions. At the same time, the regulator is loyal enough to exchange for the tokens produced in the framework of the Russian ICO and not having a payment function.

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