Craig Wright made in Rwanda: «I Have more money than your entire country»

At the conference on information technology in Rwanda, Craig Wright (Craig Wright), the self-proclaimed Creator of Bitcoin advocate and Bitcoin Cash, the caller made another comment, saying that he had more money than the whole of Rwanda.

Technical Director nChain Group has made a scathing statement earlier this month on the Transform Africa summit, which was held from 7 may to 10 may in the Rwandan capital Kigali. Calling on Rwanda to open its borders and start free trade, he began to accuse the other speakers that they are not interested in the development of the country and in its economic benefits. He said

«I’ll speak very frankly. Since I have more money than your entire country, I won’t have anything to ask. I don’t want your investment. I don’t want both Stellar and everyone else that you were paying me. I was absolutely not interested. I’m just going to develop solutions that you will implement and use, just because I want to and can do it. I was very annoying position which is in a constant search for their petty gains. I want to make it so that people can participate in trading, no matter whether it is rest or not. I don’t need African currency, I need the whole world».

In fairness it should be noted that the person who introduced Wright at the conference – journalist CNBC Africa Ndirangu Georgie (Georgie Ndirangu), ribbed statement
Wright about how he is the Creator of Bitcoin. It seems that the sarcastic tone of the speaker could be triggered by this.

Given that speech Wright called «Cash for Bitcoin: cryptocurrency and blockchain for Africa» was not mentioned neither bitcoin nor Bitcoin Cash, we can assume that Wright decided to fight unfairly and improvise. Instead of the planned report, he said a five-minute speech, which ended with a languid applause from the audience.

Wright was and remains a controversial figure in the cryptocurrency community. He recently claimed that he owns the «survivors» bitcoins from MtGox, most of which controls the temporary managing Director at bankruptcy of the exchange. Last summer, the self-proclaimed Creator of Bitcoin announced
the war SegWit, saying that his company nChain create Bitcoin mining pool not accepting the transaction SegWit, promising to save 20% of the network of Bitcoin intact.

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