Dmitry Marinichev told about the payback of mining

During a press Breakfast ahead of the world summit on the cryptocurrency and the blockchain WBCSummit, which will be held may 19-20, Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev said that profit from mining you can expect 8-12 months after the start of the process .

«At present, the profitability of mining based on the rate and cost of the equipment ranges from 8 to 12 months. This is a direct return on investment, calculated from the cost of the equipment, and the cost of maintenance and clearance,» he said.

However, the Internet Ombudsman stressed that the exact yield when mining is not easy to calculate, since the costly part is calculated in dollars. According to him, the profitability of such projects while also unstable.

«Payback for mining equipment need to wait. Three years – and it will be imputed, and the price of bitcoin will not then fall then rise, and the market stabiliziruemost. Up to this point at least three-five years.»

“Mining can be a sector, because this is a classic element of maintaining the system,” said Marinichev.

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