EDRID has launched a blockchain service for escrow copyright

Joint stock company «United Depository of the results of intellectual activity» (EDRID) introduced the technology of the blockchain to formalize and subject to copyright.

The company launched Russia’s first service for the Deposit of copyright on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain which allows you to make any registration or commercial activities with objects of copyright and related rights in any jurisdiction.

Testing the technology, which began in 2017, EDRID showed that this procedure of Deposit of the copyright will allow you to confirm the information on the registered object from anywhere in the world without third-party involvement, a role which today serve certified certification centers and the national library.

On the blockchain the platform EDRID can be zadeponirovany copyright in works of literature, software, design sketch, photograph, musical composition and more.

«Using the blockchain as a way of recording and storing copyright information improves reliability and data protection,» say the authors of the project.

The company has implemented the blockchain in the traditional system of Deposit copyright. Due to the fact that systems will be duplicative, more data will be protected twice.

«At the time of Deposit an author’s work an «image» of the object – the so-called hash which is stored by all network participants. This makes it impossible to replace the submitted data, which guarantees the authenticity of information and copyright protection. Any falsification of information will become apparent to all», – explained the work of the platform to EDRID.

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