Herman Klimenko: Election will go on smartphones

The next election will come from smartphones — said the adviser to the RF President on the Internet German Klimenko, communicating with journalists in the framework held in Moscow on the weekend of the world summit on the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Herman Klimenko: «When elections really will go with our smartphones – when a society believes in it. There are two problems. When we passed laws about telemedicine, we naively thought that doctors are resisting, and the trouble is that resisting patients. That they are not ready. When we talk about elections, we must not forget that there is a huge reservoir of people who do not believe. They tend to come and put a tick, and a lot of them. While the society will not reach consensus, we will vote, how to vote. Perhaps, in municipal, reference stories, the state will test a sample blockchain assets».

The development of technology in Russia, the assistant to the President highly appreciated. According to him, from a technical point of view, our country is at a decent level, what can be said about the legal side.

At the request Bits.media German Klimenko made a forecast of the future of the crypto community after 30 June when in Russia you should see the legislation in this area.

«If you look closely at how the business is developing, the government only captures events, is trying to run. We already have everything: the ICO carried out, we even managed to come to the conclusion Fiat to bitcoin, then decided not to. What is now engaged in the state – we already buried. The government always running a bit late. There are several bills, some of them are out of date, I must pay tribute. Suggestions Volodina-Krasheninnikov – a conceptual history, perhaps it will be the most successful. Perhaps it’s the opposite, the case when nothing else to do, it either will fall off or form a for all».

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