ICO Russian project Minery: more questions than answers

Recently, the media started to receive the press releases of the project Minery, the Creator of which is the one Ilya Bruman, a citizen of Russia. According to the press release, Minery hosting mining facilities in regions with low electricity rates and low annual average temperature. ICO start a startup is planned for July 1.

On the project website stated that the Minery wants to become «the largest legal platform for the mining of cryptocurrencies in Russia» and to begin its work this autumn. According to a Whitepaper of the project, the company plans to build 5 specialized mining complexes with a total capacity of 55 MW and an area of 5500 m2.

Despite the rather optimistic description, and our colleagues magazine about cryptocurrency ForkLog — doubt in respect of the project, and they conducted their own investigation.

Primarily alarming is the apparent discrepancy between the statements in the press release of the company with the real situation in respect of the first persons of the project. Ilya Bruman, which appears in the press release as a sponsor in the official documents is not specified, and is not responsible in the legal field. In addition, it was found that Ilya Bruman in the past spoiled the reputation of being the founder of OOO «Wetzels Pretzels» in Moscow «drove the company into debt to the creditors,» and also owed a large sum of money to your partner.

Industry-ICO is dominated by the personality of the founders of the project, their past achievements and skills. Investors should not only see the future in the idea, but to trust startups that may disappear overnight with the collected funds (which happened more than once). Bruman, however, can not boast of good reputation and impeccable background in the legal field, which confirms the investigation

In the comments
on Facebook Ilya Bruman claims that at the moment is preparing a response to the investigation. Perhaps he will be able to protect their reputation and to explain the published documents.

The decision on investment of money in any ICO each investor takes himself. However, we once again recall that it is always necessary to independently verify the information about the project and its people.

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