In India uses the blockchain to combat telemarketing

TRAI, the regulatory body of India, responsible for telecommunications intends to deal with telemarketers in the form of Intrusive phone calls and SMS with the help of the blockchain.

In particular, technology will be involved in the project titled «Standards of the consumers of telecommunication commercial companies in 2018».

It is designed to enable millions of Indian subscribers to manage voice calls and text messages that they receive, giving them the opportunity to choose or disable marketing campaigns and, if necessary, to complain about their telecommunications service providers.

«The blockchain will provide two things – the maintenance of records that will be impossible to cancel, and confidentiality. Access to the sites will receive only registered participants», – said the Chairman of TRAI, RAM Sevak Sharma.

According to him,this is the first use of the blockchain in the telecommunications project of this scale.

The authors of the project deployed a new regulatory structure in the sandbox, where users can agree to receive spam or block it. Comment on innovation is possible until June 11.

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