In total, the world installed more than 3,000 cryptomate

According to the site CoinATMradar
the total number of cryptomate around the world today amounted to 3128. On average, every day in the world installed 6 BTM. Only 15 months ago I had passed the mark of 1,000 devices.

It is noteworthy that the reduction in the price of bitcoin, ongoing since the beginning of this year, did not affect the growth of plants. The recent decline in this indicator was recorded in late 2015, when the bitcoin was worth about $ 200.

Despite the high Commission (one transaction on the bitcoin exchange brings the owner of cryptomate 8.77%), increased the proportion of cryptomate that allow you to both buy and sell bitcoins. Now they account for over 35% of all VTM.

According to these data, we can say that the demand for buying/selling bitcoins through cryptomate is growing and, despite the volatility of bitcoin prices, this business is profitable for the owners BTM.

By far the most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin — it is supported by 99.99% of all cryptomate. Approximately 50% support of those or other altcoins, among which the most popular is Litecoin – 47.8%, followed Ethereum – 28.1%.

The production of cryptomate engaged 31 companies. Market leaders are Genesis Coin (of 34.37%), General Bytes (27,49%) and Lamassu (at 11.23%).

Most cryptomate established in the United States (1800 VTM), in second place is Canada (477 VTM), and third place went to Austria (174 TMV).

And yet, the number of installed cryptomathic does not reflect the state of the industry as a whole. This is just a small segment of a huge industry. Actually you can buy bitcoins via vouchers, gift cards, kiosks Webmoney etc, and tens of thousands of locations worldwide.

For example, you can buy bitcoins in 1357 ticket stands Swiss Railway or through cash registers Flexepin in Canada, where their number exceeds 5500.

All these services are people who are looking for a quick way to buy or sell crypto-currency for local money and not willing or not able to use the online exchanges.

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