June 23 in Moscow will host the Blockchain Community Summit

Blockchain Community Summit is an event in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency, which will combine theoretical information presented in plain language and practical skills in this market from leading practitioners.

The purpose of the event – familiarity with the latest trends of the market of cryptocurrencies and ICO, report information in an accessible form about the possibilities of earning in this market, as well as the possibilities of attracting investors to new and promising projects or personal business.

In the process of conferences, consultations and workshops scheduled performances of practicing lawyers in the sphere of turnover of cryptocurrencies, the founders of projects in kriptonyte and investment managers with unique expertise and investment.

The conference

Participant can be anyone who is interested in Economics and blockchain technologies. The event is designed both for beginners and those already familiar with the market of the blockchain and its prospects. The first will be given the opportunity to effectively start working on the market given the state of the Russian economy and legislation, the second is to get actual information about recent trends in problem-solving. This will be used practice materials and advice and market analysis in the most accessible forms – charts, tables, infographics.

The event program

The event is organized on the principle «from theory to practice». In the Zone conferences will be lectures, discussions, discussion of real-world examples and case studies for working with bitcoin and investing in the ICO.

Throughout the conference there will be exhibition of projects and startups, where every participant will be able to get to know them and possibly become a partner or investor.

Place and time: the Business Center «Novospasskiy» (Moscow, Derbenevskaya embankment, 7, p. 12) 9.30-21.00.

To register and learn more about the event on the site.

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