Poloniex froze the accounts of unverified users

After last week appeared the first complaint of the owners of the unverified accounts on the exchange Poloniex to freeze their funds, now in social networks and forums started to accumulate the information that they cannot verify their accounts through an automated system, as well as to trade or to access their funds.

In December 2018 exchange Poloniex announced to all its users about the necessity of passing the verification until the first quarter of 2018, which will keep access to the accounts.

Shortly after this announcement the stock exchange acquired the American financial services company Circle. Many believe that the verification requirements Poloniex were associated in connection with its acquisition of Boston-based Circle, which very closely monitors the implementation of regulations AML/KYC.

Last week, many unverified users Poloniex announced that their account frozen even with the passage of the identification process, the exchange responds with access denied.

«I’m an unverified user. Today when I decided to use the services of Poloniex, I was informed about necessity of verification, informs the user of the stock exchange u/PauleeWorli. I went through this process, received the email confirmation. In my profile says that it corresponds to the third level of verification, which translates to $25,000 per day. But all attempts to trade ineffectual, because my account is suspended! It seems many people have faced a similar problem: the account is verified, but continues to be frozen.»

According to some users, they are not pre-warned about locking accounts: «What is going on Poloniex? I remember that before 2018 you warned about disabling trade for unverified users. Then you reported that such users will be able to withdraw their money but I never received a letter, which would be said about any time frame!».

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