RAKIB: in the regulation of cryptocurrencies do not need to rely on old legislation

The technology of the blockchain is the revolution, the adoption of which is hindered trying to create on the basis of old knowledge to new definitions of the legislators, said the founder of the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) Alexander Treshchev.

In his opinion, while Russia will be determined by the regulation of cryptocurrencies, the whole world will benefit – the most important to date for the digital economy is the speed of decision-making and also profitable and convenient conditions for the development of technology.

«The state Duma adopted laws on cryptocurrencies in the first reading. Fortunately, this is only the first reading of the law. Something tells me that it will not be a quick story,» said Treschev.

The founder of RAKIB stressed that most countries create the most liberal and the most modern legislation, because it requires a financial world that is rapidly changing.

«The fact that lawmakers Balk at traditional paradigm and trying on the basis of old knowledge to find some definitions – is absurd and wrong. I remember how tormented legislation changing copyright law. 30 years, the parties argued, at that time, Americans have become the first in the world, parasitic on it, earn huge money», – he told

According to tresheva to become the power that should move forward, it is necessary to provide the Russian market with new tools because the old formats and frame is already tight.

«The main problem – in the global misunderstanding of the breadth of the topic. The slower we act the more it will take advantage of other States. Providing miners the benefits and vacations, they build far-sighted plans. The issue is not that mining was allowed, and that gave us a good law,» he concluded.

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