Ripple XRP is rebranding with the aim to distance themselves from the cryptocurrency

What is the difference between Ripple and bitcoin Ripple (XRP)? The majority believes that there is no, as the company owns most of the tokens, and its founders in uchastvovali in creating coins. However, the representatives of the Ripple are your thoughts on this, and they want once and for all to separate bitcoin from the company.

The start-up representatives decided that this can be done by creating for XPR private character that does not to be reminded of the Ripple. They even created a Twitter account devoted to the development of a new logo, and the page on Github, where he wrote the following:

«For XRP perceived as «currency», it needs its own symbol. Like the dollar sign «$», XRP need a universal sign denoting a unit of XRP. The current logo used, works perfectly at the mention of the company, and it is not necessary to change. However, it is necessary to develop a symbol that will embody the cryptocurrency».

The final choice in favor of the new logo has not yet been made, but whatever they may be, he will obviously be very different from the current symbol used both by the company and cryptocurrency. Some believe that Ripple has taken this step to XRP ceased to be security, because this effect had been made
regulation experts, and in the beginning of the month against the company generally, a lawsuit was filed accusing her of violating securities laws of the United States.

If the SEC decides to equate XRP securities, it will not only affect its price, but also on the availability on the U.S. exchanges. Given these factors it is not surprising that the company is trying to distance themselves from the cryptocurrency.

Despite the obvious connection and startup cryptocurrency company continues to make statements that the coin can exist without its participation. On the page
Ripple in Wikipedia States that «a network can be operated without a company Ripple», but evidence suggests that this is unlikely. At least because to work with the host XRP authorization is required from any of the servers

A recent study
Bitmex Research confirms that XRP is centralized even more than previously thought, and the creation of a logo is unlikely to change that.

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