Scottish rehabilitation centre offers treatment for «crypto dependencies»

In the hospital castle Craig (Castle Craig Hospital) located in the historic Scottish County Publisher, developed and successfully used special rate for inpatient rehabilitation patients who «suffer» from «cryptocurrency dependence.»

The main specialization of this rehabilitation center is the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism, but now they decided to take and of patients addicted to cryptocurrency trading.

According to experts, the cryptocurrency trading could escalate into addiction when traders continually check motion graphics courses digital assets. Treatment methods are largely similar to those used for the rehabilitation of persons suffering from compulsive gambling than methods of drug dependence treatment.

A specialist in the treatment of addiction hospital castle Craig Chris Byrne (Chris Burn) said: «the Mad volatility of the cryptocurrency market, as well as the associated high risks attract patients suffering from gambling addiction. This trading gives them excitement and opportunity to escape from the surrounding reality. Cryptocurrencies are actively trading, earning and losing large sums. This situation is a classic bubble».

Tony Marini (Tony Marini), in the past suffered from a gambling addiction and cocaine. Now he heads the center’s programs. According to him, «the key to addiction lies in the formation of life structure. Most people who trade cryptocurrencies trying to get away from yourself to another world, because the world in which they live they don’t like. The first part of the treatment is joining the group of dependent, where everyone tells how he got there. In such an atmosphere they can establish contact with other participants and understand that you are not alone.»

According to the «experts» of the hospital, to date, worldwide, there are «about 13 million people» engaged in trade cryptocurrency assets, however, it is impossible to determine exactly how many of those people «suffering from addiction» from cryptocurrency trading.

Various forms of «dependence on trading» famous is not the first decade. In the West, especially in the United States, has been dominated by specialized psychologists to deal with the problems of traders. However, the «Scottish scientists» of Peeblesshire picked up the trend and, obviously, decided to allocate «cryptocurrency dependence» into a separate discipline, although the volatility of the major cryptocurrencies now no longer stands out among the many traditional financial instruments.

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