Shrimp as another stress test of Ethereum

Forget about cryptonatica. In the network of Ethereum, many new games are responsible for the growth of transaction fees. The viral success of such decentralized applications as Shrimp Farm Ether, Ether Cartel and Pepe Farm over the last week caused the overflow of blockchain Ethereum, questioning his readiness for implementation at the corporate level.

In the same week, when Fedex announced plans to establish a logistics tool on the basis of Ethereum, there are new doubts about its willingness to use companies. A group of new games created in the depths of the forum 4chan, raised gas prices to the Commission and showed the fragility of the blockchain in its current state. Despite the fact that the first intra-game Ether Shrimp Farm and its spin-off of the Ether Cartel influenced the work of the network, while they may not boast the same scale as Cryptokitties, which started on the Ethereum blockchain on 30 November and has become an epidemic: in just five days the cats were eating 12% of all gas-commissions Ethereum.

In the application of Ether Shrimp Farm users are required to grow and sell more shrimp to ultimately exchange the eggs for air. Ether Cartel adheres to the same concept and applies it to the control of drug trafficking. The game has a «high-tech automated marketplace that allows you to instantly buy or sell drugs in the same transaction.» The more kilograms you have, the more drugs you can produce.

After the implementation of 26 000 transactions in just 24 hours, games, 4Chan contributed to the increase in gas-commissions doubled to 0.2 dollar. According to Eth Gas Station, now the price of gas is just over $ 0.01 per transaction. However, games such as Ether and Pepe Anthills Farm, continue to occupy 9 of the top 10 places in the Dapp Radar in the category of best new decentralized applications. Ether Cartel and Fish Farm also occupy third and fourth place in the top 10 for all dapps, just for IDEX and Forkdelta. Last week only Ether Shrimp Farm was responsible for 43,000 transactions.

While many members of the community do not see this epidemic nothing, others are quite concerned with the situation. One Reddit user said:

«If the second largest cryptocurrency can be destroyed cryptocotyle and shrimp farms, then she’s not ready for mass distribution and it will be seriously modified before it will be possible. These games can seem silly, but they serve a real stress test for the entire community and help us to detect network vulnerabilities».

Decentralized applications do not have to take every action within the network – there are ways to bring some of their operations abroad. Social network Ethereum Peepeth example of this application. However, the creators of games like Ether Shrimp Farm are not bothered by this and seems to enjoy the riots that sparked their creations. Like all memes, these dapps will soon sink into Oblivion, but quickly enough they will be replaced by other developments that would affect the ability of the blockchain and annoying users of Ethereum.

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