The experts discussed the amendments to the RF civil code the draft law on the regulation of cryptocurrencies

Experts in the press center of «parliamentary newspaper» – more than 18 speakers from the State Duma, leading universities, technology companies, international associations – discussed the feasibility of amending the Civil code of the Russian Federation regarding the introduction of a new concept of «digital rights» and other rules governing individual sectors of the digital economy in the framework of the bill Volodin and Krasheninnikov.

«The initiative is introducing in the civil law the basic concept of «digital law» instead of the term «token», – reminded the member of the Duma Committee on state building and law Oleg Bykov. – Due to the consolidation of this term in the Civil code we will be able to provide protection to the citizens and legal entities transactions with this object».

The bill on the basis of this document also proposes a simplified procedure for transactions with digital rights (smart contracts) via the Internet.

Bulls said that now fact is the perfect computer program the execution of the transaction will not be challenged (except in fraudulent cases, intervention in the program).

Chairman of the Expert Council on economy and entrepreneurship of the Youth Parliament at the state Duma Alexey mostovshikov said that although the bill is still under discussion, when dealing with scriptactive it has been referenced by the court.

Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on regional policy and problems of North and Far East Oksana Bondar proposed to Orient the bill, which will be finalized by the first reading, including the so-called regional accents.

«Maybe we need rules that will allow regions to use their potential for the development of blockchain technology. For example, in the far East, cheap electricity, in other subjects there are special tax regimes,» she explained.

The coordinator safer Internet Centre URVAN Parfentiev reiterated the recognition digital of financial assets money is unacceptable.

«The reason from the document will be removed in a Chapter devoted to digital money due to too hot disputes around the term, where each party pursues its own interests. We counted 26 working groups that are discussing this issue», – explained earlier, one of the authors of the bill Krasheninnikov.

According to Mostovshchikov, the discussion of the bill will provide the experts with a basis for recommendations on improvement initiatives that will allow the law to prevent the withdrawal of assets in an unregulated digital environment.

«Most experts expressed the view that it is necessary to edit the conceptual apparatus, but by and large the civil law in the form in which it now exists are able to regulate social relations arising from the use of blockchain technology» – summed up the head of the Working group of the state Duma in risk assessment of turnover cryptocurrency Elina Sidorenko.

According to her, in the near future the resolution will be sent to the authors of the bill.

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