The project of floating crypto Islands became a step closer to realization

Blue Frontiers, in charge of building Islands in international waters, has signed a multimillion-dollar Memorandum with French Polynesia on the development of the floating crypto Islands. The aim of the project Floating Island Project to become a floating island with an independent government and a private cryptocurrency. An idea that has long been considered a crazy dream of a libertarian, became even closer to its implementation.

As a financial tool Blue Frontiers plan to use its own cryptocurrency Varyon (VAR), created on the Ethereum blockchain.

«The main structural feature of current patterns of government centralization», — stated in the description of the token-ICO Varyon from the Blue Frontiers. «Too centralized power leads to the fact that inefficient bureaucracy and its representatives away from the people they are called to serve. However, if you create a suitable technological solution, the government can be ready to decentralization. This technological solution — sustaining (approx.ed. — the construction and living in free communities, floating in the open sea outside the jurisdiction of any specific country)«.

The book «Sustaining: How floating Nations will be to restore the environment, enrich the poor, heal the sick and liberate humanity from politicians,» published in 2017, has caused immediate reaction of the media. The authors — Joe Quirke (Quirk Joe) and Patrick Friedman (Friedman Patrick) from a scientific point of view describe what to many seemed impossible.

«Varyon (VAR)» Ethereum (ETH 1 = 14 750 VAR) — token ERC-20. It is a token for General purpose exchange of goods and services in the community Blue Frontiers, other communities and the owners of the tokens. Blue Frontiers plans to use the proceeds from the sale of tokens to expand its community and create zones of contadina, and will only accept Varyon (VAR) for payment of their products and services,» — says Blue Frontiers.

The implementation of the idea of contadina contributed absolutely not associated with the Blue Frontiers project. The Anglo-Dutch oil and gas group Shell celebrated its 25th anniversary with the launch of the marine project — Prelude. Its implementation helped Samsung’s Heavy Industries Geoje, gathered at its shipyards the necessary equipment. Prelude — the attempt by Shell to bring natural gas production to a new level. The total length of the platforms Prelude exceeds the height of the Empire state building and is the largest Maritime structure ever created by man. This major project – inspiring design, which involves thousands of people from four continents.

More than a dream

Prelude – a true floating city, and not just literary fiction. Despite the fact that the main purpose of this design was the generation of profits for oil and gas corporations, it largely reflects the ideas expressed by Vircom and Friedman. Now the floating island is not just a concept, the implementation of which it is difficult to imagine. Country in the sea can become a reality.

The members of the organization of the Seasteading Institute, which includes such luminaries as Peter Thiel (Peter Thiel), created the company Blue Frontiers, seeking to turn the dream into reality. The group recently signed an agreement with French Polynesia in order to effectively use its sea territory for the realization of the project of Floating Island Project.

«Blue Frontiers» plans to create the first prototype of sitadina funds collected through the sale of tokens Varyon (VAR), as well as to further Fund the project through these sales,» reads the project description. «Token Varyon (VAR) to create cittadina, structures, offshore platforms, their development and administration will be used only as necessary for the establishment of marine zones and improvement of products and services available to owners Varyon (VAR)».

The distribution of VAR occurs in accordance with standard procedures of the ICO:

«The number Varyon (VAR) allocated for the establishment of marine platforms, is inversely correlated with the amount purchased through the open market. That is, the more Varyon (VAR) will be sold, the less Varyon (VAR) remains for the project Seastone/Seazone Construction, Development, Administration», noted
Blue Frontiers. «Thus, up to 28% of tokens available through public sale; up to 8% after pre-sale; up to 6% for the initial investment; up to 15% for the team; and the rest goes to the project — up to 72%».

«Silaging displays decentralization outside of the digital world, promoting the creation of modular floating structures that can occur in the evolution of new communities and forms of governance,» says Blue Frontiers. «Promising solutions can be deployed at any time, physically separated to create a new sistemov that allows you to ensure the highest level of evolution and speed of adaptation. By follow the time-proven method of variation and selection, the process of decentralization of management through silaging will contribute to the creation and development of new achievements of civilization».

Video about the project is available here.

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