The UN starts cooperating with the Fund IOTA

The office of the United Nations for project services (UNOPS) is combined with the IOTA Foundation for examining how the technology of the blockchain will allow the UN to streamline workflows, in particular the workflow.

According to the special adviser of UNOPS on the technology of the blockchain, Yoshiyuki Yamamoto (Yamamoto Yoshiyuki), the introduction of technology is one of the reasons for the interaction but not the main one.

«A distributed system IOTA can run on battery or alternative communication networks that will be very useful for areas with Perebiynis Internet and electricity,» he said.

Yamamoto also noted that the registry IOTA is compatible with IoT devices that do not have high computing requirements.

«We are working with the Foundation IOTA, to determine the most appropriate uses of technologies that will allow us to solve some of the problems facing the UN,» said Yamamoto.

The specialist did not specify how much time it takes to move from pilot phase to full implementation of the technology IOTA.

«It depends on the complexity of the problem and how much components need to be integrated in the solution: hardware, software, user interface and more,» he said.

IOTA is not the only company with which UNOPS is working in this direction. Yamamoto noted that the organization has already begun to cooperate with many startups and incubators on the basis of the blockchain and continues to look for the best solutions.

He also said that the UN considers this a promising technology, saying that the organization does not intend to experiment with the technology if participants are not ready for its application in the real world.

«We do not bloccano for the blockchain, we have limited resources and staff, so we must focus our efforts on solving real problems. Our priorities are the mission of our organization, not with the cranky Cryptoprotected» – summed up the representative of the United Nations.

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