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Cleaning & Maintenance 
  • Every CiPU bag is made up of water-repellent material, DWR (Durable Water Repellency). The durable polymer can weaken the surface tension of textiles, making water drops fall from textile surface easily without being absorbed. The material, however, will gradually lose its effectiveness after frequent use, daily wear, and impurity damage.Therefore, it is not suggested to clean the bag by external stimulation, such as by washing machine, drying machine and long-term soaking.
  • The inner and outer layers of the bag are made with water repellent material. To prevent the degeneration of the water repellent function, machine washing, long period immersing or any other cleaning methods that can cause external abrasion should be avoided.
  • Please reduce the use of detergent and laundry bleach or fluorescent agents on the product as well as frequent cleaning. For minimal dirty spots, you can lightly rub it with a soft cloth wet with water or clean it using a soft toothbrush with mild detergent and then finish it off with a light rub of a wet cloth. For large dirty spots, we suggest you seek the assistance of professional bag laundry shops. 
  • After cleaning, put the bag under a shade to dry, naturally. Do not expose to it to direct sunlight, put it in the dryer, bleach it, nor iron it to prevent the possibility of color fading or shrinking.
  • For slight folds, hang the bag in the bathroom to soften them with steam and then dry the bag in the shade. 

  • During the manufacturing process, the cloth is firmly made that meet that EU REACH regulations. The textures are dyed by hand in batches so the color of each item might be slightly different. The bag might turn slightly bleached according to user's habits as time goes by.
  • Due to environmental protection considerations and to avoid causing leftover clothes, the lines of the stripe pattern bags are not accurately aligned.
  • The leather label is made out of eco-friendly artificial leather. The leather may soften easily due to moist exposure. If the leather is scratched or pierced through, the surface of the leather may peel off easily. We highly suggest preventing water from being poured into it, avoid rain exposure and to store them in a clean dry place.
  • The jean series use textures similar to ordinary denim products, thus they should be cleaned with the appropriate cleaning method to prevent the possibility of color fading. It should also not be washed together with other clothing to avoid color bleeding.
  • For slight smell, we suggest you put the bag in a well-ventilated area (without sun exposure). The smell will disappear in a couple of days.


After-Sales Service
  • All CiPU bags have a one-year warranty period. 

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